dryer cleaning

Deep cleaning of your dryer

Learn how to clean a dryer If you know how to fulfill the proper cleaning of your dryer, you will have all the chances to prevent numerous problems in the future. We would like to share some arguments why you should add the cleaning of the dryer into your annual to-do list:  You will keep […]

High-Efficiency Washers
HE Washer Guide

High-Efficiency Top-Loaders – Pros & Cons In recent years, top-loading models have become the most popular consumer choice for washing machines. But not just any top loaders, but high-efficiency ones. Just as the name implies, a HE appliance will help you with saving both energy and water. In the end, you will be able to […]

self-cleaning oven

Self-Cleaning Oven

Self-Cleaning Oven Actionable Guide Self-cleaning ovens are very convenient to use but they require special knowledge of how to maintain them properly. Since there are various models of those appliances you can choose from, there are also certain differences in how they should be used. Therefore, going through recommendations applied to your self-cleaning oven is […]

Dryer Repair

How to Replace a Dryer Belt

How to Replace a Dryer Belt If a dryer belt in your Whirlpool dryer should be replaced, you do not have to opt for professional repair service right away, because it is a quite simple work that you can do yourself. We will provide you with clear and detailed instructions on how to do this […]

dishwasher errors

Dishwasher Error Codes by Brands

Dishwasher Error Codes by Brands The majority of modern dishwashers will show you a certain error code when a malfunction occurs. Understanding the meaning of the code will help you spot the exact problem with the appliance and even solve it by yourself. Here are some of the commonly used codes for the most well-known […]