jennair fridge ice maker not filling with water

Why isn’t the ice maker in my JennAir fridge filling with water?

With the warmer months well on their way, ice will become a precious resource you’re going to be wanting more and more of. Thankfully, many modern fridges have the luxury of built-in ice makers so you don’t have to go through the trouble of filling up ice trays.  However, from time to time your ice […]

clean your washer

Washer Repair: Why it’s Important to Clean your Washer from Time to Time

Most modern homes are equipped with a washer. This appliance is great for large families that go through a lot of clothing every week. They allow you to quickly and easily clean your clothing without having to worry about cleaning things by hand.  While it may not be apparent to everyone, your washer sometimes needs […]

noise coming from fridge

What Is That Noise Coming From My Fridge?

If your fridge is making a strange noise, it can be quite concerning. The good news is that there are several noises that are considered normal. There are also many possible causes that are minor and just a few that may require professional repairs. Here’s how to decipher what your fridge is trying to tell […]

Essential Oven Maintenance Tips

Your oven is one of the most important appliances in your home. This is why it can be extremely stressful when it no longer works as it should. To keep your oven running smoothly and extend its life, you should follow these essential oven maintenance tips. Self-cleaning Ovens If your oven is of the self-cleaning […]

Laundry Symbols on Clothes

Laundry Symbols on Clothes

Laundry Symbol Cheat Sheet Laundry is such a burdensome thing to do. However, it has to be done quite regularly. The majority of people are not very fond of laundry because it is a meticulous process. Not only have you to do it often, but also in the correct way to keep your clothes in […]