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Washer Repair: Why it’s Important to Clean your Washer from Time to Time

Most modern homes are equipped with a washer. This appliance is great for large families that go through a lot of clothing every week. They allow you to quickly and easily clean your clothing without having to worry about cleaning things by hand. 

While it may not be apparent to everyone, your washer sometimes needs to be washed. Many believe that because it is filled with soap and water all the time, it doesn’t require cleaning every now and then. However, that is not that case. Your washer does need cleaning due to its constant use. 

So you may wonder, why exactly should you clean your washer, how to do it, and how often. Luckily, throughout this article, we plan to tackle all of these questions. 

Why Clean Your Washer

There are a number of things that come into contact with your washer. Due to the repeated use of washers, they tend to build-up soap residue, chemical, minerals, and bacteria. These tend to get locked within the washer and will build up a film over the interior of the machine. These materials, while unhygienic on their own, can also clog mechanisms within the machine and cause it to not work as it should. The film of all of the chemicals and bacteria will start to produce a smell and may even affect the way your clothes smell when they come out. 

This is why it is important to clean your washer. Not only is it necessary for health reasons but it can also begin to wear your machine and cause it to not work as it should. 

When Should You Clean Your Washer?

How often should you clean your washer though? 

It is said that you should clean your washer at least once a month, both the inside and outside. However, due to the reasons listed above, cleaning your washer could improve its performance so the more your clean your washing machine, the better. When cleaning your washer, it is best to use a natural solution as to not harm your septic system. 

A good indication of when you should clean your washer is when you start to notice dark streaks around the rim. When you see those streaks, it’s best to clean your machine immediately. 

How to Clean Your Washer

Now we will give you a 6 step routine you can use to ensure your washer is clean and running at its best. 

  1. Clean out the innard of the machine between each use and pay attention to where you feed the machine the detergent and the door seal as that is where bacteria tend to build up the most. 
  2. Once a month run your machine on a cycle of 60C or higher without any clothing or chemicals in the machine. This will break down any mould and bacteria that has started to build up in the machine. 
  3. Use a cleaner that is made specifically for washing machines. This is the most effective way to get your machine clean and is only required every 3 to 6 months
  4. After every few washes, take an anti-bacterial wipe and a touch of bleach and wipe the drum seal to prevent any mould or bacteria from forming. 
  5. Between washes, keep the dryer door open. This will allow air to circulate through the machine and stop any bacteria from growing.
  6. Check your drain filter, excess water tends to build up and where there is moisture, there is mould so be sure to do this regularly.


Having a clean washer will keep it in top condition so it cleans your clothing perfectly every time. Protect your family and yourself from getting sick from bacteria and mould build-up by regularly cleaning your washing machine. 

If you have any concerns about your washer or are in need of washer repairs, call Care & Repair at (647) 812-2863. No matter the make or model of your washing machine, our appliance repair experts will get to the bottom of the fault and we are always ready to perform speedy repairs on the spot.