what causes my fridge to freeze food

What Causes My Fridge To Freeze Food?

It makes sense if your freezer freezes your food. That’s expected, that’s normal. However, if you find your food freezing inside your refrigerator, you’d be left speechless because that is not the norm. In fact, you may be left wondering why that is even happening.

A fridge consists of many parts working well together in order to keep the major household appliance in optimal running condition. In a fridge, an air damper is the device that balances the airflow from the evaporator fan housing, which controls circulation. This simply means that the amount of cold air entering the fresh food compartment is being controlled. When that control isn’t there, or isn’t functioning properly – you could very easily be left with frozen food. Of course there are many reasons why your food could be freezing.


This reason is the most common source of frozen food in the refrigerator. Whether it’s because the temperature isn’t set at the right level or it’s because it’s a thermostat issue – the wrong temperature can lead to frozen food.

If it’s a temperature setting issue, keep in mind that the optimal temperature range for storing fresh food is between 38 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is too low, that could lead to your fresh produce, as well as other food items, accidentally freezing over. If the temperature level isn’t the issue then the thermostat could be faulty and may need to be replaced.

Food Storage

Another reason could be that you are overstuffing your refrigerator. Air vents within a fridge circulate cold air and ensure consistent temperatures throughout the storage area. If your food is either blocking these air vents, then those foods will be more susceptible to freezing over. On the other hand, if your fridge is too empty then you run the risk of cold air settling on the bottom shelf and freezing any food you may have stored there. It’s all about the balance in this instance.

Door Seals

That cushiony piece around and under your fridge is a fridge seal. It is also what secures the cold air circulation within the fridge when the fridge door is closed. If that seal is damaged or is leaking, then the cold air will seep through resulting in a fridge that’s overworked, thus too cold – which leads to frozen food.

Damper Issue

The damper of the fridge regulates the amount of air that trickles into the fridge from the freeze. If the damper isn’t properly shut, the temperature in the fridge will become as cold as that in the freezer. This could be another reason why your fridge is freezing your food items.

Main Control Panel

If none of the aforementioned reasons are the root of the problem, then it may be a circuit issue in the main control board. This issue isn’t simple to diagnose that you could require professional assistance to fix the problem.

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