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Washer Repair Service in Toronto

Effective washer repair in Toronto was highly anticipated for years before the foundation of Care Appliance Repair.

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It is extremely important to have a team of professional repairmen always at your service. In case your appliance experiences a breakdown, you should always know who to call to fix a washer in Toronto. Failing to find an adequate team of repair guys will only make the condition of washer worse. If a technician doesn’t fix a washer properly, you will need to order washing machine repair in Toronto over and over again until you finally buy a new washer. To avoid such thing from happening, we recommend you to try out our washer repair service in Toronto.


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Why Select Care Appliance Repair

Care Appliance Repair is the number one provider of direct repairs on your site. Our repair services in Toronto include home appliances of all brands and all makes. You can order our appliance repair services for a good price anywhere in Toronto. Care Appliance Repair is available round the clock. With a team of insured technicians circling around Toronto with vans full of factory parts, we can fix your appliances the same day. Our repairmen will give you a fair quote for our repair services and you will pay no service fee with a repair. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Cash payment methods. Our local business is factory approved and we provide a written guarantee on all our appliance repairs.

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Warranty and Hour of Operation

We constantly improve and develop our washer repair in Toronto. That way, we can keep justifying the trust of our long-term customers and we also gain new customers by providing high reliability. At Care Appliance Repair, we offer a warranty of up to one year on all our washing machine repairs. Therefore, if we replace a certain factory part of your washing machine and the problem continues, you can call our washer customer service in Toronto. We will direct certified technicians to your house and tackle down the issue of your washing machine. Before calling our washer service centre in Toronto, please check your written guarantee. If the paper (the date) is still valid, you can call us and we will fix a washer in Toronto for you.

Care Appliance Repair has a unique hour of operation that makes us easily accessible to all our customers. Namely, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so you can order our washer repairs at a fixed price in Toronto anytime. Our team of trained technicians drives around Toronto constantly. Once we receive your request, we will direct the repairmen to your home address. This system is available for the entire Toronto, regardless of your exact location.

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Common Washer Problems

Considering the complexity of washing machines, it is not surprising that this appliance could experience a wide range of problems. Our repair guys fix washers in Toronto daily so they know how to fix every washing machine. Some of the most common washer problems are the excessive leakages during the spin cycle, broken door seal of the front load washer, faulty drains, hoses or/and pump, appliance’s inability to drain and/or rinse and so on… The solution to any of those issues could be moderately easy or extremely difficult. In any case, you cannot fix a washer in Toronto alone if you are not a professional technician. All brands and all makes of washing machines have specific features so fixing a washer is not that simple. Therefore, you need experienced technicians to repair the washer in Toronto for you. Our repair guys are experts at repairing washing machines in Toronto. Whether your washer experiences a rare or a common problem, we will tackle down the issue of your appliance.


Washer Features

Commonly, we divide washing machines into two major groups – front load washer and top load washer, depending on the door position. As implicated by the names, the door of the front load washer is placed at the front while the door of the top load washer is placed at the top of the appliance. The standard height of both, top load washer and front load washer, is between 35” and 43”. The standard width is “27. Customers that look for a washing machine that won’t take too much space, usually opt for the top load washer. On the other hand, customers with spacious bathrooms prefer front load washing machines. You can also find compact washers, the smallest washing machines of these three types. Their standard width is between 24” and 27” and the standard height is 34”. Before buying any of these washers, you should read the specifications and know the exact dimensions.

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