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If you enjoy trying out all the delicious food recipes from the internet, a faulty oven will make that very difficult, even impossible.

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In order to make great food, you must have a range that performs perfectly at all times. Care Appliance Repair is a local business with outstanding reputation earned with hard work and reliable repair services. We can fix an oven in Toronto the same day you contact us and never let you worry about a faulty range again. Apart from fixing ovens in Toronto, we also maintain ranges regularly. Therefore, you don’t have to call us only when your range stops working. Instead, you can simply call us to examine your cooktop and avoid breakdowns of your appliance. If you repair with us, you will get a free service call as well.


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What Makes Us Different

Care Appliance Repair is a Toronto-based company with innovative on-site repair services for home appliances of all brands and all makes. We offer good prices for the appliance repair in Toronto and you can reach out to us 24/7. Our certified technicians will start repairing the same day you call us because they drive vans full of factory parts all around Toronto. We will examine your appliances and give you a fair quote for our appliance repair service in Toronto. If you approve, you will pay no service fee with a repair. At Care Appliance Repair, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Cash payment methods. Our company is factory approved and you get a written guarantee on all our repairs.

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Warranty and Hour of Operation

Our local business grew from a small company to the leading provider of appliance repair services in Toronto. One of the major reasons of our success is the high quality of our repair services. As a proof of our efficiency, we offer an extended warranty on all our oven repairs at a fixed price in Toronto. Therefore, if you order our range repair in Toronto once, you won’t have to worry about the same problem for a long time. If the issue reappears, you won’t have to pay again for the oven repair in Toronto. Instead, you can call our oven customer service in Toronto and we will send the repairmen to your house shortly. After showing the written guarantee, you will get another range repair in Toronto for free. As long as your warranty is valid, you won’t have to pay again for the same cooktop repairs.

The service area of Care Appliance Repair is extremely wide. We offer the same day fix to customers across the entire Toronto and surrounding areas. You can order our quick repair during holidays, weekends and any other days! We will send trained technicians to your home as soon as you request the range oven repair in Toronto.

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Common Oven Problems

When the oven starts performing poorly, you will probably notice the first effects on your food. The tasty pie you usually make will not be evenly baked, it will smell weird or simply won’t taste the same. There are several common issues of ranges that our technicians deal with on a daily basis. Some of these problems are the burners of the cooktop not working (one or more of them), temperature inconsistency of the range, broken light, broken self-cleaning feature, faulty wires and so on… All brands and all makes of ovens have different features. Therefore, only professional repairmen know how to fix every existing range. At Care Appliance Repair, we have a team of experienced technicians with advanced skills and knowledge; we can fix a range in Toronto regardless of the type, style, brand or production date.


Oven Features

If you are purchasing a new oven, you can choose between the single wall oven and double wall oven. Both of these types are approximately 24” – 27” wide and 24” deep.  The principal difference between the single wall oven and double wall oven is the height. Single wall oven is 27” – 30” tall, while the standard height of the double wall oven is 50 ½”. Additionally, you can opt for a built-in or freestanding range. As the name indicates, you can integrate the built-in oven to your kitchen or place the freestanding oven anywhere in your house. These are the standard dimensions but every product could be different. Therefore, we suggest you to read the specifications of the appliance before purchasing a new range.

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