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Only with the best fridge repair in Toronto, you will be able to keep your cooler in a good condition.

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Due the constant utilization of this appliance, refrigerator repair in Toronto is one of the most requested services at Care Appliance Repair. For that reason, we regularly implement our fridge repairs at a fixed price in Toronto and offer beneficial opportunities to our customers. Thus, you can fix a cooler in Toronto for a good price and get a free service call only at Care Appliance Repair. In addition, you will get an extended warranty so you can be absolutely sure of the quality of our freezer repair in Toronto. We are just one call away from you. Do not wait for a total breakdown of your refrigerator and contact our fridge service centre in Toronto on time.


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Care Appliance Repair is a provider of sensational on your site repair services for home appliances of all types and all brands. You can get our comprehensive repair services in Toronto for a reasonable price 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our team of expert technicians drives around Toronto constantly with a van full of genuine parts. That way, we provide the same day service to all our customers. When our repairmen examine your appliances, we will offer you a good price for the appliance repair service. If you accept, you will pay no service fee with a repair. Care Appliance Repair accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Cash payment methods. Our local business is factory certified and you will get a warranty on all our appliance repairs.

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Warranty and Hour of Operation

Our high-quality freezer repair in Toronto includes a warranty of up to one year. Therefore, you can be absolutely certain that we will repair your fridge efficiently. If your cooler experiences the same issue that we fixed previously, call our fridge customer service in Toronto. After you specify the problem, we will send our trained repairmen to fix the freezer for you again. Following, you must show us the written guarantee and if the date is still valid, we will repair your cooler for free. Obviously, the warrant is effective only for the appliance repairs of our technicians. We are not responsible for new problems or work of other technicians.

Care Appliance Repair is open 365 days a year. We are accessible even during holidays and weekends so you don’t have to worry about your faulty fridge at all. As soon as you need a refrigerator repair in Toronto, contact our fridge service centre in Toronto. We can fix a cooler in Toronto the same day, regardless of your exact location. As long as you live in Toronto area, you can count on our refrigerator repair.

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Common Fridge Problems

Our fridge service centre in Toronto receives a number of orders on a daily basis. We are able to tackle down any issue of your refrigerator because our technicians are experts at fixing fridges in Toronto. Some of the most common cooler problems are the leaks, dispenser or icemaker not working, broken light, freezer making too much noise, appliance warming up instead of cooling down, among other issues. Not every refrigerator has the same structure. For that reason, some fridges are harder to fix than others. For Care Appliance Repair, that’s not a problem. We are able to fix coolers of all brands and all makes. As long as you call us on time, we could prevent serious issues of a broken fridge.


Fridge Features

Refrigerators are commonly divided into two groups – single door fridge and double door fridge. You can choose between these two types depending on the space you have available, as well as your needs. Single door cooler is recommended for smaller families, couples or individuals. The dimensions of the single door cooler (also known as one door refrigerator) are 23 – 36” in width, 65 – 69” in height and 24 – 33” in depth. On the other hand, double door cooler (also known as side-by side refrigerator) is more recommended for large families. Its standard dimensions are 30 – 36” in width, 67 – 70” in depth and 29 -35” in depth. Both of these types come with top freezer or bottom freezer. You can choose all these characteristics in the local store and find the most convenient cooler for you. While these are the standard dimensions, you should read the specifications of the product before the purchase.

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