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Care & Repair is the provider of appliance repair services in Toronto and GTA. We use innovative methodologies to fix appliances and maintain them afterward.


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As a local business, we built our way to the top of Toronto and GTA appliance repair companies thanks to our hard work and a great team. In order to constantly upgrade our appliance services, we keep up-to-date with latest changes on the market. We also always listen to suggestions of our clients, which helps us improve in every way.

These are the word-class Dryer Repair Services in Toronto and GTA area that we offer. Reach out to us for any of our appliance repair services and we will get back to you shortly.


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Same-day Appliance Repair Service

We don’t like to wait so we don’t want to make our customers wait for our Toronto and GTA area appliance repair either. That being said, we designed an ultra-beneficial service – Same-day repair. Our customers love it and we love seeing them happy with our service! The quick repair takes place the same day you invite us to revise your washer, dishwasher, fridge, dryer, stove or oven. If you repair with us, the service call will be completely free. We will get to you quickly and our technicians will fix appliances in your home. That will spare you the effort of transporting your home appliances to the other local repair guys. This way, you will get the best Toronto and GTA appliance repair service, without even getting out of your house.

Skilled Certified Technicians

Our professional technicians met our high requirements and went through a rigorous hiring procedure before starting to work for us. We only hire certified, trained repair guys and we managed to put together a group of amazing professionals. Apart from knowing how to fix every home appliance from our menu, they are very kind and polite; you will surely want to invite them again for a different appliance repair in Toronto and GTA area.

Give us a service call at (647) 957-7757 or complete the form on our website. Our customer service in Toronto and GTA will contact you soon.

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Dryer Repair Services in Toronto and GTA area

Your dryer should save your time and ensure you always have dry, clean clothes. For people in humid areas, this home appliance is extremely important. Without a drying machine, you would have to wait for your clothes to dry for days.

However, your dryer can also experience issues. The temperature controller could start malfunctioning; making your clothes overheat or even burn. Your drying machine might also not react on your attempts to turn it on, etc. There could be many problems with your home appliance but our dryer appliance service can solve all of them.

Are you having troubles with your dryer? We do all types of dryer repairs.

Our technicians are experts in fixing dryers of all brands and all makes. We serve drying machines across Toronto and GTA area so we can certainly repair yours as well!

Care & Repair reasonable price for the drying machine servicing allows you to maintain your dryer in a perfect condition during all seasons. Reach out to us and wave the cost of a service call if repair with us.


These are some brands included in our drying machine repair service

Electrolux Dryer Repair Service

Electrolux dryer repair service includes a separate dryer appliance service or a washer-dryer combination. This company has elite models of washing machines that our technicians know how to fix on the spot.

Bosch Dryer Repair Service

Our Bosch dryer appliance repair covers tumble dryers and washer dryers of the newest generation that this German manufacturer produces. Bosch has a great reputation and its home appliances usually last many years after the purchase. Once they start experiencing issues, our professional technicians are here to help with the drying machine repair.

GE Dryer Repair Service

GE has a long list of electric dryers, gas dryers, stackable dryers and others in their enriched offer. Care & Repair does all types of GE dryer appliance repair services; we can certainly solve the issue with your drying machine as well.

Maytag Dryer Repair Service

Maytag gas dryers and electric dryers have advanced options that tend to be complex to fix for the regular repair guys. However, for our certified technicians they are pretty simple! If you are looking for a Maytag washer repair service, you’ve come to the right place.

Kenmore Dryer Repair Service

This company also focuses on introducing advanced technology to their models so they offer different kinds of innovative features. The more options your home appliance might have, the more fixing Kenmore dryer could potentially need. We are always available for the washing machine repair so give us a call from any place within the Toronto and GTA area.