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We differentiate ourselves from our competitors because we genuinely care about our customers. Rather than offering generic appliance services, we constantly grow and expand our business.


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All our repair services in Toronto and the GTA area are designed according to the needs of our customers. By listening to their requirements, we get the best ideas on how to provide the most convenient Toronto and the GTA appliance repair services. Thanks to our flexible and caring approach, we grew into one of the most requested local businesses in Toronto and the GTA.

Care & Repair Fridge Repair Services in Toronto and the GTA

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Same-day Appliance Repair Service

We do not take our customers for granted. As soon as we get a call asking for our appliance services, we fix the same-day all brands of freezers, washing machines, dishing machines, drying machines, stovetops or ranges. The repair guys from our team are well-organized and will bring all the necessary spare parts to your home. You can call us and get no service fee if you repair with us. In case you want to postpone the appliance repair service, you can only call us for diagnostics. We will revise your home appliance and you will only pay a fair quote for our visit.

Professional Technicians

The trained technicians at Care & Repair are able to fix appliances of all makes and all brands. Whether you have a traditional, old fridge or one of the latest generations, our certified senior technicians will take care of it; the same applies to all the other home appliances. Our licensed repair guys are used to the hard and smart work! They always look forward to a new appliance repair so if you need someone who truly knows how to fix your appliance, do not hesitate to call us!

Give us a call at (647) 957-7757 or contact us through our website.

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Fridge Repair Toronto and the GTA area

Is your freezer acting strange lately? Maybe you can see the water dripping from behind; your frozen food is melting or perhaps your drinks are freezing when they are not supposed to? The chances are that your refrigerator has a problem! You surely don’t want to stay without your cooler for longer than a day so take advantage of our same-day repair service.

Ask any of our previous customers and they will immediately tell you who to call to fix fridge in Toronto and the GTA area. The way to get our technicians to your home is very simple. All you need to do is call our fridge service centre Toronto and the GTA and they will direct us to you! With our cooler servicing, you will continue using your appliance without any issue.


Following is the list of brands included in our fridge repairs at a fixed price in Toronto and the GTA area.

GE Fridge Repair

General Electric (GE) has an image of a reliable cooler brand but you may still need our appliance repair once it starts leaking. Our GE fridge repair service covers all the varieties of these refrigerators.

LG Fridge Repair

The popularity of LG is in constant growth and so is the demand for their freezers. With more of their coolers on the market, our appliance repair LG fridge service is also implementing consistently. In case you have your own LG freezer that needs our appliance repair services, reach out to our fridge customer service in Toronto and the GTA.

KitchenAid Fridge Repair

One of the greatest sellers of the kitchen appliances across the world. Although they produce different appliances, many people know KitchenAid by their refrigerators. In case you need cooler servicing, the KitchenAid fridge appliance repair at Care & Repair is ideal for your freezer.

Maytag Fridge Repair

Maytag produces models that follow, both, a traditional and modern style. That approach doesn’t only apply to their appearance but their function as well. No matter which one of these types you own, our Maytag fridge repair service can help you once the things with your cooler go wrong. Let us know the exact issue of your refrigerator and our handy guys will repair your fridge within the same day.

Samsung Fridge Repair

Samsung insists on showing off their abilities so they introduce advanced technology in all of their products, including freezers. Many Samsung coolers feature Wi-Fi, Touch Screens, Apps and similar options that no other refrigerators have. At Care & Repair, we are great at fixing Samsung fridge so before making it even worse by waiting, call our fridge service center in Toronto and the GTA.

Frigidaire Fridge Repair

One of the oldest freezer brands that remained strong through many decades, Frigidaire freezers need flexible hands to fix them. The technicians of our appliance repair Frigidaire fridge service work with the most delicate coolers and that includes all the Frigidaire models.